Assisted Living Facilities in Bucks County, PA

Our goal is to assist you in finding the best available independent and assisted living facilities in Bucks County. Just Click on the city below to see the list of assisted living facilities in Bucks County PA.

The state of Pennsylvania licenses assisted livinging facilities that serve more than four residents. They are called Personal Care Homes. Assisted Living Facilities that serve one to four residents do not require a state license.

Licensed personal care homes may use many differing terms in their facility titles, legal entity names and marketing advertisements. These terms can include Assisted Living Facility. These homes will be licensed as a Personal Care Home, since there is no Assisted Living licensure in Pennsylvania at this time.

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LanghorneLevittownNewtownPoint Pleasant

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It's a good idea to learn as much as possible about all the assisted living options that are available in your area. They could be called Residential Living Facilities, Adult Foster Homes, or Home Care Centers in your location. Everything you read and each facility you visit will help you to get closer to determining your own need. There are adult family homes, retirement communities, board and care homes, assisted living facilities, skilled nursing facilities and other options. Learning about the costs of assisted living and how to cover those costs is also very important. With all these options, and maybe because there are so many choices, it can be overwhelming. There's nothing wrong with getting help.

A few of the services offered by assisted living placement services are:
1) Help Determine if Assisted Living is Right for You
2) Determining the level of care needed
3) Locating the home or facility best suited to your needs
4) Helping you to negotiate the lowest possible price for you and your family
5) Helping you with finanacial planning so that your resources can be used wisely to cover the costs involved
6) Ensuring that the facility you choose is able to handle any special needs that you may have.

There are placement agencies that will be pleased to help you sort through the maze and make the best choice for your loved one. This is their field of expertise and they are happy to share the knowledge they've gathered with you. A few of our favorites are A Place For Mom, Elderlink, and Assisted Living. In Southern California and Southern Arizona, one of our favorites is Assisted Living Placements. Most referral agencies (sometimes called placement agencies) will provide their services free of charge.